Privilege and Oppression


preached at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Cleveland, October 10, 2010 There are moments in life that in retrospect seem ridiculous. One such was the time I became immobilized trying to buy a candy bar. I was twenty and a vegan. I had spent the night out dancing in Columbus. I lived in Granville, an easy hour’s drive from the dance club. On the way back to our dorm my friend and I...

Walking the CNT’s Streets (or a Tour of Spanish Civil War Barcelona)


Last week we went into Barcelona and went on a Spanish Civil War walking tour organized by Nick Lloyd and Catherine Howley. It’s been reviewed in the Guardian and other places. In many ways, it has been the best thing we’ve done in Spain: by turns educational, provocative, and emotional. The tour took place almost entirely along Las Ramblas and in the Gothic quarter. It started in Plaça de...

Here & Now


This week, I must confess, I have been feeling more than a little tearful. It has been 154 days since I last preached a sermon to you in person. And I have been missing you. And I have been missing my life from the before times. And my family--other than my son this has been the longest I have gone without seeing any of them. And I have found myself struggling to live in the here and now.

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