A Covenant Concerning the Continuing Relationship Between Rev. Colin Bossen and the Members of the Unitarian Universalist Society


Having the best interests of the Society at heart, Rev. Bossen, Board President Melissa Vandergriff and District Executive Rev. VanBecleare freely enter into the following covenant on the behalf of the congregation. On August 13, 2012, when Rev. Bossen’s settled ministry at the Society formally ends, Rev. Bossen will break all ties with the members of the congregation until such time as the Society calls a new settled minister. This means that Rev. Bossen will not contact members electronically, through post or the phone during that period.

After the Society calls a new settled minister Rev. Bossen, at the invitation of the settled minister, may return to the Society to participate in memorial services and as a guest preacher for special occasions. Rev. Bossen may also be in touch with congregants for reference, denominational and social purposes. At no time will he offer members of the Society advice about congregational life or pastoral care.

Finally, the following exceptions around contact with Rev. Bossen will be:

1. If a member of congregation, during the interim period or during the first year of the settled minister’s tenure, requests a letter of recommendation to apply to seminary Rev. Bossen will write it.
2. If Rina Shere, a member of the congregation and the current Director of Religious Education, needs a recommendation or advice on the ministerial fellowship process Rev. Bossen will give it.
3. If Shirley Nelson, the Society’s Office Administrator, needs help with administrative details relating to the transition and informs the interim minister, Rev. Bossen will provide it.

Rev. Colin Bossen
Melissa Vandergriff
Joan VanBecleare

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