Most Read Blog Posts of 2022


Every year I compile a list of my most popular blog posts. Here’s the top ten from last year:

  1. Walking the CNT’s Streets (or a Tour of Spanish Civil War Barcelona)
  2. Troubling the Truth (Easter 2022)
  3. A First Day at the Fringe
  4. Barcelona (and Sitges) by Mouth
  5. Two Final Shows at the Fringe
  6. Arriving in England
  7. Manchester
  8. Sermon List Updated
  9. A Second Day at the Fringe
  10. Harris Manchester College

And the top ten of all time:

  1. Forecasting Congregational Finances During a Time of Uncertainty
  2. …Or Perish Together as Fools
  3. Minns Lectures Announcement
  4. Starting at the Senior Interim Minister, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Greater Houston, Texas
  5. Collective Memory, a Sermon in Response to the Shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation
  6. Some Thoughts on Ministerial Tenure
  7. The River May Not Be Turned Aside
  8. A Tribute to the Rev. Kay Jorgensen
  9. March 2020 Board Report Responding to COVID-19
  10. Abolition Democracy (Unity Temple)

I am not surprised, but with two exceptions, all of my highly read blog posts from 2022 were about my sabbatical travels. I have noticed that my travel blog posts in general tend to both prove very popular when I put them online but also seem to have fairly short half-lives. In other words, the generate interest for a few weeks and then don’t get read.

This year I’m going to make an effort to capitalize on the popularity of the travel blog posts by adding a travel section to my site. It will be similar to my list of sermons in that it will provide links to specific trips I’ve taken. I will start with three: El Salvador (2014); Europe (2019); and Europe (2022).

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