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I have been more than a little negligent in keeping this blog up to date. Trying to complete my PhD in five years has been keeping me busy (also my computer died, and I’m currently reduced to working on my iPad, but that’s another story). I have a lot of professional news to share. Rather than breaking it into a bunch of small posts I decided to share everything in one swoop. 

First, and foremost, I am currently being considered for the Assistant Professor of Unitarian Universalist Theologies and Ethics at Starr King School for the Ministry. I had a campus visit on Tuesday and had the opportunity to meet with the faculty and many of the students. I’ll be giving a version of my job talk as a sermon at the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Wayland, MA this Sunday. If you’re in the area and curious about how I understand the challenges facing Unitarian Universalism you should stop by.

Second, I have had three papers accepted at academic conferences and will be presenting them in the upcoming months. Towards the end of May I will be in Toulous, France for the French Association of American Studies. There I will be presenting a synopsis of my dissertation currently titled “‘Onward, Christian Soldiers:’ American Social Movements and the Religious Imagination in the Wake of World War I.” In mid-June I will give “A Time To Grow Our Souls: Grace Lee Boggs Conceptions of Class” at the How Class Works conference at Stony Brook. Finally, this year at the American Academy of Religion my paper “Marcus Garvey and Cultural Apocalypse” will be part of a panel co-sponsored by Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence and Secularism and Secularity titled “Sovereignity, the Secular, and Violence.”

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