Most Read Blog Posts of 2021


In January, I try to make two blog posts: one compiling the list of books I read over the previous year and the other listing my most popular blog posts. I usually start with the list of most popular blog posts. Here it is:

Most Read Blog Posts of 2021

  1. A Prayer for Democracy
  2. The Senate Should Expel Senators Cruz and Hawley
  3. Joe Manchin Might be a Senator from West Virginia but He’s Paid for by Corporations
  4. Frankenstein’s Theology
  5. Supporting Black Agricultural in the Wake of the Arctic Storm
  6. Books Read in 2020
  7. Eulogy for the Rev. Robert Lloyd Schaibly
  8. Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020
  9. Contemplation Sound Unitarian Unitarian Universalist Tradition Celebration Pride at the Rothko Chapel
  10. These Things Figuratively

Most Read Blog Posts of All Time

  1. Forecasting Congregational Finances During a Time of Uncertainty
  2. …Or Perish Together as Fools
  3. Minns Lectures Announcement
  4. Starting as the Senior Interim Minister, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Greater Houston, Texas
  5. Collective Memory, a Sermon in Response to the Shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation
  6. Some Thoughts on Ministerial Tenure
  7. The River May Not Be Turned Aside
  8. A Tribute to the Rev. Kay Jorgensen
  9. March 2020 Board Report Responding to COVID-19
  10. Abolition Democracy (Unity Temple)

My blog had almost the same number of visitors both in 2021 that it did in 2020 (around 2,800 each year) but for whatever reason this past year was the first year that not a single one of my posts for year appeared in the list of “Most Read Blog Posts of All Time.” Indeed, the list of most read posts for 2021 is almost identical to the one for 2020. The sole change is that my sermon on the climate crisis from 2015 “…Or Perish Together as Fools” made the 2021 list and a post on Pelagius from 2014 did not.

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